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WordPress Hack Prevention Tip #1: Use Strong Passwords

It may sound like a no-brainer, but making sure your team uses strong passwords is a simple way to beef up security. Plainly put, simple passwords leave your site vulnerable to attack. Though changing passwords can be a hassle, it’s definitely something you and your team need to think about.

Not to scare you, but at this moment, there’s a good chance that a mal-bot (automated script with malicious intent) is repeatedly hitting your login form. They are trying, and trying, and trying to get into your site to inject code, harvest information and/or cause destruction. Use the tips below to increase your password strength and start thinking about how your entire team uses and manages their passwords.

In a future tip, we will talk about how to block hackers and bots from even getting to your login page, but for now, let’s start with this.

Password Generator

When setting up a new user, or when editing your user in WordPress, you will see the Generate Password feature near the bottom of your profile.

This feature generates a strong password that will be difficult for a mal-bot to crack. Copy and Paste this password into whatever system you use to manage your passwords. To make it simpler, consider using a password vault such as LastPass or 1Password. If you are on a private computer, let your computer remember your password. This will make it simpler to login in the future.

One User Account Per Team Member

Make sure you aren’t sharing a user account between multiple members on your team. Each person using the account should have their own account setup with their email address. This will makes it easier to use the “forgot password” utility at login.

Having a separate User Account for each user also allows you to set different roles for different kinds of users, and it allows you to delete a user if you no longer want them to have access at all.

Contact Your Team

There is no better time than right now to send an email to your team letting them know you want everyone to create new, strong passwords. Complicate things for hackers, and let your team know it’s time to use strong passwords!

Let us know what you think.

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