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What is WordPress Security Management?

One of the biggest challenges website owners face is keeping their website secured against hackers.

WordPress is the #1 website software in the world. Therefore, it’s a target. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in WordPress code that is outdated or unprotected. My company makes sure our client websites are locked down and up-to-date with security patches.

Thrown to the wolves

It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t offer a web security option to clients. I built websites. I told them to update their plugins. I thought it would be okay. It wasn’t.

Months later I would hear from clients again. Something was going on with their site and after some inspection, I would find a hack. Some hacks bring sites down completely, some are sneaker and leach from a site’s seo or content clicks.

Symptoms of a hacked website

  • Website won’t load. This one is rare since a lot of hacks are unobtrusive.
  • Google listing of website links to various spammy websites.
  • The website’s content displays links or redirects users to another spam website.
  • The website is replaced by a message that indicates it’s been hacked. Kinda like a hacker’s calling card.

Finding a hack on a website that I built was incredibly embarrassing. Especially since I wasn’t preparing my clients well enough to avoid the problem. My plan of attack went something like this: clean the hack out (free of charge), secure the site, inform the client again on what they should do. Walk away. Hope it didn’t happen again. Eventually I realized I had to do more to address the problem.

The ultimate Win-Win

After many embarrassing lessons, I smartened up. I learned that site-owners either don’t have the time to run updates, or they were concerned about potential code conflict and wanted someone more experienced with development to be on hand in case something broke.

Enter our service.

I’m super proud of what we offer at Base 1. We sell security, which isn’t easy, but we provide stability, which is priceless to a business’s online presence.

If you have a website and you would like to talk to us about ongoing support or new features, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

Let us know what you think.

Happy Clients

Working with Eric Janofski and his team at Base 1 is a delight! I appreciate their positive attitudes towards content migrations and dedication to improving the process each time. From 100-page websites to 10,000-page ones, they will deliver on-time and in-budget. We rely on Base 1's services and often recommend them to our own clients.

We have worked with Base 1 since 2009, on many projects. Base 1 is an integral part of the website design services offered by Saxon Design. The sites they develop for us operate smoothly on the front and back ends, and they are great to work with as well with quick response times when we have questions. They always come in at budget on projects.

We highly recommend Base 1.

Base 1 is an invaluable business partner – helping me build, maintain and grow my website and capabilities. They are responsive, thorough, professional and essential members of my Clean Food team.